Basshead from Kent reporting it =P


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Dec 2, 2010
Room 2 @ Fabric
EDIT: was sposed to say "reporting in"...but fuck it. haha

Seriously cant believe i didnt have the sense to google "drum & bass forum" years ago, haha.

Names Richard, im 20 from bexley (south east london).
Been a fan of drum and bass since i heard Fresh wayyyyyy back when i was a kid, and fell in love.
More about the upfront and jungle, but im a sucker for a nice bit of liquid. Also love a bit of acid house. :D
I dj dnb and dubstep in small venues near me, i'll post some mixes over in the appropriate section :).
Set up is a single technik TT and an AA VMS4. Looking into cdj's, but would rather expand with vinyl.

Looking through some posts, looks like a great place, and i hope to nestle in nicely :).

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