Radio Bassfreqs Podcast # 001 - Balkansky

Hi Folks - Just wanted to share some good music! :)

Bassfreqs is a dubstep / drum and bass / jungle forum located in Sydney, Australia.

Only a year old, we've quickly grown to become the main source for all things drum and bass / dubstep in Sydney - and we're delighted to be launching a podcast to bring the best of what we have to offer locally, as well as mixes from the occasional international visitor..

To help us launch - the one and only BALKANSKY was nice enough to record a mix especially for us! He's a favorite of ours, and this mix shows why... Dubsteppers, make sure you get onto it! :)

If you're coming up to Sydney and looking for a party... drop into the forums and say g'day. I'll bump this thread with new mixes as we post em up. Enjoy.

Download - Balkansky (dubstep) Podcast for Bassfreqs # 001

Tracklist -

01.All Is Full Of Bass (Balkansky Mashup)
02.Balkansky - Sundrome
03.Pixel Fist - Horrible Bastard
04.KOAN Sound - Garden Of Buddha
05.Future Prophecies - Dreadlock (Tony Anthem remix)
06.Balkansky - Propan
07.Flip Sound (Balkansky Mashup)
08.Balkansky - Hertz
09.Balkansky & Temper D - In Pictures
10.Frozen and Fallen (Balkansky mashup)
11.Loop Stepwalker & Balkansky - Fire
12.Noisia - Split The Atom (Bar 9 remix)
13.Zardonic & Joanna Syze - Rodina (Balkansky remix)
14.Sls - Head Noise (Balkansky remix)
15.16Bit - In The Dead Car
16.Balkansky - WobWob
17.Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Dual Remix)
18.Broken Note - Flood
19.Culprate - Dont Do That
20.Izlel e delyo haidutin (Balkansky mashup)
21.16Bit - Swine Flu
22.Underhill - Dead Foot
23.Koan Sound - Zappa Bomb Squad
24.Datsik - Mechano (Culprate remix)
25.Loop Stepwalker & Balkansky - Kora
26.Psychofreud & Balkansky feat Demolitionman - Bad Sound
27.Balkansky & Hempsta - Skorab
28.Trouble (Balkansky mashup)