Our BASS WARS! line-up has been carefully selected, embracing some of the biggest dubstep acts alongside some of the hottest D n’ B producers in the scene, such as GOLDIE , EMALKAY + 16 BIT + TROLLEY SNATCHA + BARE NOIZE + SKISM + SUKH KNIGHT and many more.

With Drum n’ Bass noticeably evolving in recent years, artists such as Shy FX, Dirtyphonics, LTJ Bukem, Roni Size and Goldie have reinvented drum n’ bass, incorporating a vast series of elements including Reggae’s basslines, Hip Hop’s more stuttered breakbeats and influences from Techno, IDM, and now the force of Dubstep’s sub-bass.

Former leader of Rufige Kru, and founder of Metalheadz Records in 1994 Goldie is the catalyst that confirmed the genre as a form of musical expression- and the legendary drum & bass pioneer was headhunted this year by Fabric to record a staggering mix for their FABRICLIVE series.

Fans would be forgiven for wondering if the stalwart could still cut it, but the progression, forward thinking and depth of talent both new and old that he illustrated in FABRICLIVE 58 has propelled the D n’ B godfather back into the heart of the scene, showcasing the best of what the genre has to offer.

For many, drum & bass has gone full circle and deserves more attention now than it has in the past few years, reviving a vital and compelling old flame.

Ever since artists like EMALKAY and 16 BIT have taken the essence of “Old Skool” rave and incorporated the wobbles and space of contemporary bass music, this generation of beatmakers are now experimenting with more rhythmic, compositional and sonic qualities that are groundbreaking.

Mixing classic drum and bass with the synthetic darkness of Dubstep they have created something unprecedented, fresh, and more than the sum of its parts. The world of dubstep continues to expand, with more and more artists crossing over genres- they hold onto their sonic roots while making the transition into a new realm and create a dark union of the two genres. Residing on Caspa’s Dub Police label, EMALKAY is a perfect example of that.

Artists such as BARE NOIZE, SKIsM and SUKH KNIGHT are keen on evolving dubstep and pushing the genre beyond its usual barriers. Harder breaks coupled with industrial synths, a riot of off-beats progress into heavier tunes and amazing live acts.

More soulful, but just as intense and brooding, MT. EDEN are currently ramming out shows across the world and are back with new tracks and a live show that takes their sound into filthier territory. To date the New Zealand based act can claim over 50 million collective plays of their tracks on YouTube - more than any other New Zealand act, ever.

With each artist carving their own style and niche from a similar heritage of influences, the line-up promises a volatile offensive from each corner. Drums and Basses will lead the entire night blessed by the father of the genre embracing some of the industry’s newest dubstep acts alongside some of the hottest D n’ B producers hurling depth-charge basslines, crystal-tipped breaks and memorable landscapes of mysterious melodies.

THE PLAYGROUND returns for their final epic show of the year on Saturday the 12th November @ KOKO London.

KOKO can be found at 1a Camden High Street, London, NW1 7JE. Doors open at 9pm and tickets are on sale now via www.theplayground.co.uk.

For all media enquiries and interview requests for all artists, please contact warren.morris@theplayground.co.uk or call 0207 683 1223.