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Oct 17, 2008
The Cupboard Under The Stairs

This is a fuckin MASSIVE chuuuune.

Anyway.. my question is.. that bass... Any tips on how to make it?

Ive tried for ages. Im using detuned Saw waves n stuff but its not anywhere near what I want. I've used loadsa heavy distortion too but everything sounds too dubsteppy. Ya know? Too rusko-esque.

Anyway... Anyone got any ideas?
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May 3, 2009
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Sounds like a detuned saw wave to me, I think the sound itself is very similar to bass sounds of Noisia, Spor and that kind of Drum & Bass artists, would like to know how to create this bass sounds too.
The answer is in the effects chain I think, and not in the making of a detuned saw reese bass. So any info on what kind of effects to use are welcome, like EQ-ing out the mid or lowpassing or maybe other things like phasers and flangers.


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Nov 26, 2009
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-lots of modulation and movement within the bass
-mega distortion
-freq splitting

also multi-band distortion
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