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Ok I'm a fairly new producer and I've been having a couple problems, 1st problem I can't seem to make is sound like everything is a part of the song. For exaple it sounds like different samples layerd, it doens have that almost transpairent sound, its almost like all of it is fighting for space. How do I fix that, and please don't say experience because experienced producers do things to fix that it just doesn't happen for them. You know?! Anyway that and getting me bass to rumble, its there but its not super vibrant like I want. Its ether drownjng out the whole track or barily there how can I fix that?

Here is a track I've been working on. Use it as a example to better explain what I ment in my wrighting. Thanx
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I'm going to assume your talking about bass.
All of the steps are general rules of thumbs not exact science.
Find a kick hit at about 100hz and a snare hitting from 100 to 200hz. Use a spectrum analyzer. If you don't have one use a parametric eq and scroll through the freqs range with a peak all the way up. You will here where it hits.
Have your kick and snare no louder than -13 db
Use a compressor on your kick-the input gain remain at a neutral point/threshhold set to - 13 ratio- about 2:1 attack bring all the way down then play the kick, slowly pull it back a few mili secs until you here it pop a little better
Repeat with snare
Note: these are not exact figures. This is where experience come into play. Use your best judgement to make the kick and snare sound the best.
Cut the frequencies below the peak of the kick.
Repeat with snare
Find a break and really high pass it so it just sounds like hats are playing. Put it in the mix.
Take your bass and split it into three channels
Name the first one Low
2nd name Mid
3rd name high
While doing the process below you will need to paly with your volumes so that all three channel blend together. Your high bass should not be very loud. Your low and mid bass should sound balanced. And it should also sound balance with the drums. YOu should also not have any thing volume peaking much higher than your drums. So again nothing should reall be higher than -13 db.

On the Low channel make sure your bass is set to mono. Very inportant.
Use a low pass filter or a parametric filter and cut off most every thing by the time you get to 100 hz. Also make sure cut every thing down from freq 30. People can't really this nor can they feel it. (thats kind of true)
Now in your low channel you should have a mono bass playing between 40 hz and 100hz with little or no harmonics escaping up wards. If this part of you bass sound flat use a sine wave in a low octive scale to fatten it up.

Mid bass.
Make sure your channel is in stereo. You should hace a little bit of stereo width on the mids. High pass so that you have no freqs playing below 100hz.
So at this point and time you low channel is meeting your mid channel at 100hz with noting or little hitting at 100hz
Use a parametric eq. Make a sharp cut out where your kick and snare are hitting. It's called q for some reason. Make small and sharp.
Then using a parametric eq set it to about 500hz with a some what wide q slowly start to pull down the gain until it sounds ok(at 500hz or so hz) this helps take away some of the muck.
At around 10kilo hz add some gain not much though. Just until you hear the sound starting to be come more crispe.
So at this point in time you should have a low bass and a mid bass with a kick and snare playing with little or no frequency interaction.

High bass
High pass everything below 500hz to 1kilo hz. What ever sounds best. Make sure this is in stereo and has a considerable stereo width. Play with the parametic eq until it fills out the whole sound nicely. Whole sound being Low Bass, Mid Bass, High Bass.
If you followed these steps some what correctly your song should sound better.
I would also recommend that you just work with a 8 to 16 bar section while your doing this. Any questions feel free to contact me.