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Mostly dubstep, some house...DnB coming soon.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Bass Culture VT Podcast #9 DJ Haitian - Big Room Boom Boom
DJ Haitian - Big Room Boom Boom - This week we have one of our favorite mix CDs in a tech-house/thuggychuggy style thats been making the rounds from Bass Culture guest DJ Haitian of 2K Deep. The half crazed yet always on point co-founder of Party Guy Records says this about the mix, which was recorded in February of 2011: "This mix was inspired by my trips to the Winter Music Conference in Miami, FL and to Club Stereo in Montreal, Quebec. The composition I have created here reflects my love for the big room sounds of chunky tech house, bangin' techno, and all things 4x4 that keep us going all night and into the morning. I used a lot of samples and loops on top of the tracks being played, two, three, four at a time. I hope you have as much fun listening to it, as I had making it!" We hope going to net-bully Haitian into playing again soon at the Bass Culture weekly club night.

DJ Haitian - Big Room Boom Boom

1. Mosca - Tilt Shift
2. Acumen - Cotril (Doomwork Remix)
3. Ramadanman, Appleblim - Void 23
4. Martin Buttrich - You Must Be This Tall
5. Uto Karem - Trentarte
6. Booka Shade - Regenerate (Popof Remix)
7. Daniel Sanchez, Paco Osuna - Kawuriel
8. Pier Bucci - Hay Consuelo (Samim Remix)
9. Tristain Hagelbeck - Der Doppel Filge Salamander
10. Anton Pieete - Whaler
11. Javi Reina, Nicolas Ojesto - Chikita ft. King Xamelo (Vlada Asanin, D Blaster Remix)
12. Marshall - Blackbird
13. Sebjak - Bigger (Paul Thomas and Myke Smith Remix)
14. Popof - Wax Machine
15. Nicole Moudaber - The Reason Why
16. Simone Tavazzi - Leave Part 1
17. ThreeSixy, Chris Special - Shake (Vlada Asanin, D Blaster Remix)
18. Jon Rundell - Top Shelf
19. Tube & Berger - Free Tribe
20. Lutiani, Call Smile - Definition of Love
21. Stefano Noferini - Bad Davis
22. Redondo - Playing Strangers
23. Angel Rize - Hold It Now
24. Audio Junkies - Lets Make a Party (Alex Kenji Remix)
25. Greg Ashley - Moog Muzik
26. Gonzalo, Chus - One Night in Havana
27. Maxx Bett - Mad Clinic
28. 333 (Dnox & Beckers Remix)
29. Stephan Bodzin, Marc Rombay - Triton (Gaiser Remix)
30. The Old Young Guy - Toy (Manuel De La Mare Edit)
31. Jose Del Valle - Hautacuperche
32. Ivan Pica, NDKJ - Groovy Obsession (David Herrero Remix)
33. Wehbba - Mammut
34. Justin Martin, Galen - Dust Devil

Haitian made his debut in Burlington almost four years ago and has since then risen quickly through the ranks to become a cornerstone in the Burlington, VT party scene. Alongside the 2K Deep Crew, he has helped mastermind some of BTV's most successful and legendary club events and outlaws in recent history. Being asked to support countless international and national touring bands and DJs from across the electronic music spectrum has helped him nurture a deep respect for many different types of music. This versatility is unmistakably reflected during his eclectic sets, as he seamlessly jumps from one style to the next, guiding the crowd through a multitude of genres. Contact:
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011
Bass Culture VT Podcast #8 - DJ Jahson presents Sunday After Dark (2011 dubstep)
(DJ Jahson- Sunday After Dark) Bass Culture resident Jahson with a new mix deeper than a Shaolin monk. Full of new tunes and mixed in key seamlessly. Zone out to this ya one.

1 Matty G -The Realness
2 Truth -Indigo Mood
3 Cymatic Electric- Church
4 Von D Feat. Phephe- Chacha's Leggings
5 Tmsv -Cold
6 Jack Sparrow- Dune
7 Asbo (Loefah & Pokes)- Dog Money (Love Mix)
8 Horsepower Productions- Rain
9 Cessman & Joe Ariwa -Emperor Selassie I
10 Phaeleh- Badman
11 Benny Ill & J. King -Lithium Soular
12 Vivek- Motherland
13 Truth- Amnesia
14 Tunnidge- Tribe
15 Jack Sparrow- Loveless
16 Vivek- Talking Shadows
17 The Others- Under Score
18 Kuma, Horsepower -Dawn Stepped Outside (Horsepower Mix)
19 Benny- Ill Vs. J. King Step Bakk
20 Mala -Don't Let Me Go
21 Phaeleh- Low
22 Kontext, Ramadanman -Plumes (Ramadanman Mix)
23 Dfrnt - Weapon 2010
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Bass Culture VT Podcast #7 DJ Jahson - February 2011 Dubstep Mix
(DJ Jahson - February 2011 Dubstep) This episode features an thumping mix of new tunes from Bass Culture resident DJ Jahson in his signature bassy and deep selection style. Catch Jahson & Nickel B every Tuesday at Club Metronome in Burlington for the Bass Culture weekly event.

1 Mala -Explorer
2 Tunnidge- Dark Skies
3 Hatcha & Lost - Dark Corners
4 Kromestar & Jay 5ive - Bass 96
5 Cyrus - Underworld
6 Digital Mystikz - Education
7 Tmsv - Signal
8 Dj Madd - Dub Marine (Kryptic Minds Remix)
9 Instra:Mental - Like A Bird
10 Skream & Cluekid - Sandsnakes (Goth Trad Remix)
11 Emalkay - Crusader
12 Skream - Listening To The Records On My Wall
13 Tolerance - Timeship
14 Goth Trad - Sunbeam
15 Ben Verse - Dark Star
16 Benton - Sinners
17 Freeze & Lx One - Foreseen
18 Mala (Digital Mystikz) -City Cycle
19 Mortitz Von Oswald Trio - Restructure 2 [Mala Rebuild]
20 Digital Mystikz [Mala] - Livin’ Different
21 Silkie -Slow Jam
22 Icicle- Xylophobia
23 Jack Sparrow - Shoal
24 Kromestar & Jay 5ive - Hands In The Air

DJ Nickel B - BRAIN FERTILIZER - 2011 (Deep Dubstep Mix)
1. Rob Sparx - Going Back
2. Synkro- Come With Me
3. Von D- Bonda Love
4. DZ- I Love You
5. Jack Dixon - Somebody Said They Saw You
6. Skream - Rollin' Kicks
7. Geiom-Reminissin (Skream's Tribal 44 mix)
8. Subscape - Midnight
9. Jack Sparrow - Sniven
10. Von D - Echolow -
11. LD - Traumatic Times
12. Trolley Snatcha - Always On My Mind
13. Sabrepulse-Milotic (Supa-Dave Remix)
14. Eskmo- Cloudlight
15. George Lenton vs Mr Little Jeans - On repeat
16. Kromestar-Love Kromestar
17. B. Laing - Axe VIP (Party Guy Records)
18. Pangea- Bear Witness
19. DJ Madd & Von D - U
20. Skream - Cold Outside
22. Lung - Sail
23. Phaeleh - Isolate
24. Prototype - Galaxy
25. Mala - Don't Let Me Go
26. Martyn - Broken
27. Clicks & Whistles - When I Feel (Party Guy Records)
28. Phaeleh- Mantra
29. Phaeleh - Breathe in Air (feat. Soundmouse)

Bass Culture VT Podcast #1 DJ Nickel B Mix CD Sub-a-Dub Volume 1 - Reggae Style Dubstep

(DJ Nickel B - Subadub - reggae style dubstep) Welcome to the Bass Culture (VT) Podcast. We started this podcast to share mixes and live audio from Bass Culture DJs Jahson, Nickel B, and our many guests. Bass Culture is a weekly dubstep/house event in Burlington, Vermont (USA) at Club Metronome every Tuesday night.

Episode one is a reggae style dubstep CD from DJ Nickel B representing Itation Sound- Sub-A-Dub featuring exclusive reggae vocals, original remixes, and lots of scratching/harmonic mixing.

Click Here to Listen or Download (Right Click > Save As)

DJ Nickel B - Subadub Vol. 1 – 2010 Dubstep/Reggae Mix
1. Kromestar/Damian Marley – The Mission (Dub)
2. 6Blocc ft Buju- Murderer
3. Capleton – Murderer (Dub)
4. 6Blocc- Uptown Top Rankin
5. Warrior King- Champion Sound (Dub)
6. Warrior King- Power to Chant (Dub)
7. Mitch- DJ (Dub)
8. John Holt vs Skream – Police in Helicopter (Dub)
9. 6Blocc- One Day Rudeboy
10. 6Blocc- Sensi Dub
11. Alborosie- Informer (Dub)
12. 6Blocc – Informer Remix
13. Konnecta- Love and Inity
14. Capleton – Or Wha (Dub)
15. Boltan – 9 to 5 (DZ Remix)
16. Jah Dan- The General (Marcus Visionary Rmx)
17. Alborosie- Police (Tryptomatik Rmx)
18. DJ Madd- Rizzla Dub
19. 6Blocc- Never Scared
20. Mala ft Johnny Clark- Sinners
21. Radikal Guru ft Max Romeo – Chase the Devil (Dub Edit)
22. Radikal Guru vs Mighty Diamonds – Never Run Away (Dub)
23. Mungos Hifi vs Norrisman – Over Dem Yard (Dub)
24. Mungos Hifi – Dubplate fi Dem
25. Delly Ranx- Row Fisherman (Dub)
26. The Others- Light Up
27. Sizzla vs LD – Rise to the Occasion (Dub)
28. Sizzla vs Skream – Give Me a Try (Nickel B Remix)
(Dub)- Exclusive Dubplate Vocals

nickel b

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download the latest mix here:

(DJ Nickel B - Wide Open - 2011 Atmospheric Dubstep Mix)

A brand new smoothed out blend from Bass Culture resident DJ Nickel B. This mix features a deep/atmospheric style, mixed harmonically with some subtle scratching and sound effects. You can catch Bass Culture DJs Jahson and Nickel B at the four day Liberate Music and Yoga Festival dropping this type of downtempo/meditative dubstep that we love. More info at: On another note, massive thanks to all the supporters of Bass Culture Tuesdays for allowing us to host amazing artists like Jakes (UK), Goth Trad (Japan) , and Truth (NZ) all in the past month. This coming May 17 we have original Vermont talent GUTTSTAR ( back for a farewell bash before he transcends on to Santa Cruz, CA.

DJ Nickel B - Wide Open (2011 Atmospheric Dubstep Mix)
1. Sepalcure- Fleur
2. Swarms - Hypnotize
3. Phaelah - Outshine
4. Jack Dixon - I Let You
5. XXXY - Rain
6. XXY - Rain (Jack Sparrow Remix)
7. Icicle - One, Two, Go
8. Subreachers - Future Blindness
9. Alfie - So Good
10. S-X vs. Ramadanman - Woooglut
11. Jack Dixon - Substitute
12. Von D ft. Zhakee - Bon (Distinction Remix)
13. Truth - Stay
14. Truth and Dutty Ranks - Losing You
15. Jack Sparrow - Way Out West
16. Tolerance - Chamber of Secrets
17. Sepalcure - No Think
18. XXXY - You Always Start It
19. Kontigo - Believe
20. Submerse - Rena
21. Youanddewan - Youandme (On My Mind)


nickel b

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new episodes up ....RESPECT

(DJ Nickel B - Bass Culture Podcast 11 - 2011 Heavy Dubstep mix)

A brand new podcast from Nickel B featuring mostly new tunes, mixed in key with scratching and FX.

direct link :

1. Matty G- Sensimillia
2. J:Kenzo - The Roteks
3. Lurka - Prophet (VIP)
4. DJ Madd and Chris U - No Respect
5. Pinch and Roska - Paranormal Activity
6. Icicle - Breathing Again ft. Proxima
7. Mensah - Steady as She Goes (VIP)
8. 12th Planet and Plastician - Westside Dub
9. Guttstar - Decompress
10. Objekt - Tinderbox
11. Cyrus - Manhatten Blues
12. Von D - E Von
13. Antiserum and 12th Planet- Silver and Gold
14. Sukh Knight - Look At
15. Above and Beyond - Sun & Moon (The Others Remix)
16. Lurka - Tempted
17. Benny Page - Rank
18. DJ B - Breathing
19. Skream - Rollin

nickel b

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Bass Culture VT Podcast #12- DJ Nickel B - Slow Down (Atmospheric Dubstep)
DJ Nickel B drops another dubstep mix in the atmospheric/chillout style. New tunes, mixed in key with a little scratching for good times. or on mixcloud here:

1. Duncan Powell - Squarewaves
2. Eskmo - Amphibian
3. J One and Phaelah - Close Your Eyes
4. Bakir - Going Down Slow
5. Jack Dixon and Robin - Alone
6. DFRNT - True
7. Synkro - Here's Your
8. Dark Star- Neon
9. ID & Skinnz - Most High
10. Sukh Knight - Tribesman
11. Spherix - Rule of Threes
12. Tolerance- Dejection
13. Asa - Sweeter Things
14. Phaelah - In the Twilight
15. Rob Sparx - Broke ft. Roqqert
16. DJ Rum- Undercoat
17. Outro - Shulman - Inner Selves

nickel b

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Re: Bass Culture VT Podcast [rolling thread - all 320 mp3 mixes]

This month we feature a short reggae style dubstep mix Nickel B did for USA dubstep producers/DJs/Radio hosts Ill & Natti's radio show "What the Bleep" on KRUU 100.1 FM show out of Fairfield, Iowa. Mek it play man caw bare big tune a scorch up ya bumbo!

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN OR DOWNLOAD BASS CULTURE PODCAST 13 (Right-click over this link and select option "Save As" to download or subscribe on i-tunes)

1. Alborosie - Herbalist (Dubplate)
2. Pressure- Good Sensi (Dubplate)
3. Pressure vs Cyrus - Haffi Go So (Nickel B Dub Remix)
4. Sizzla vs Jakwob- Ultimate Hustler (Nickel B Dub Remix)
5. Mrk1_feat_Doctor - Rapapampam
6. John_Maveric - Shinobi
7. Dread MC - Trippin (Jakes Remix)
8. Commodo Vs. Lurka - Airtight
9. Dub & Run- Terrorize
10. Roommate - Smoke it Remix
11. Benny Page- Original Killa
12. Wayne Wonder vs Mensah - Big Guns (Nickel B Dub Remix)
13. J Kenzo - Constant
14. DZ- Untitled Facemelter

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This month, something different from Po Mike.... Bass + Midrange a good way.

Bass Culture VT Podcast #14 - Po Mike presents Blastin' Vol 2
Po Mike presents Blastin' Volume 2 - BANGER/BROSTEP ALERT! Bass Culture loyal soldier Po Mike presents his new mix 'Blastin - Volume 2.' Heavy dubstep anthems, rarities, and remixes mixed by one of VT's finest dubstep selectors who never fails to lay down a wicked set live or in the studio. Look out for him unleashing neck snappers like these soon again at the Metronome for the Bass Culture weekly party.

downloads here

She Came Along (Doorly Rmx)- Sharam Ft Kid Cudi
Through The Prism (Pls Dnt Stp Rmx)- Designer Drugs
What Am I- Nit Grit
Gotcha Money (Minnesota Rmx)-Ol' Dirty Bastard
Abandoned (Sloth Logic Rmx)- Nit Grit
I Remember (Caspa Rmx)- Deadmau5 Ft Kaskade
Faxing Berlin (Grifta Rmx)- Deadmau5
Hardcore Members- Subscape
Warrior (Trowa Rmx) J.O.B. Feat Anjulie Madv 12th Planet
Watercolor (Emalkay Rmx)- Pendulum
She Said (16bit Rmx)- Plan B
Turn On Bob- Guttstar
Rollin In The Deep (Deathstar Ft Marty Party & Minnesota)-
Let It Go (Joker Rmx)- Delvin Ft Labrinth
Ass On The Floor (Gemini Rmx)- Diddy
Dancing In The Dark (Proper Villians)- The Cataracs Ft. Dev
To Have And Have Not- Guttstar
No More Messing About- Mimosa
Pussy, Money, Weed (Marty Party Rmx)- Lil Wayne
Time (Pretty Lights Rmx)- Pink Flyod
No Quarter (Chris B Rmx)- Led Zepplin
Keep Hustlin (Trillbass Rmx)- By Wu Tang Clan

Recorded on two Technics 1200MK2's, Rane TTM57SL, and Serato. Used an echo and low pass filter on the TTM for some transitions.

nickel b

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download the new episode here:

Bass Culture Podcast #15 - Dvrse (NL) b2b Nickel B (US). A deep dubstep & future garage mix from like minds Dvrse out of the Netherlands and Nickel B out of the U.S. This mix features an early dub version of Nickel B's first original dubstep tune, Fractal Face. Dvrse is part of the re:Formations massive that has been responsible for an excellent series of deep dubstep/etc mixes available at

01.George Fitzgerald - Don't You
02.Sigha - Shapes
03.Orphan - Disemble
04.Shackleton - Shortwave
05.Kryptic Minds - Fade To Nothing
06.Nickel B - Fractal Face
07.Twisted - Shifter
08.Rob Sparx - Passing Through
09.J Kenzo - Therapy
10. Hatti Vatti - Piranha's Melody
11. By Proxy - 68 (Vandera Remix)
12. Scuba - Klinik
13. Myrkur & TMSV - Icarus
14. Sepalcure - Pencil Pimp
15. Troy gunner - no more tears
16. Author Feat. Ed Thomas - Turn
17. Undertow - Infinity
18. Brero - Dusk
19. Ike release - nature manipulation
20. The XX- Night Time (Synkro Remix)
21. Kahn- Like We Used To