Basic005 - arQer - Locomoco/Squalor


On Monday 3rd of October, Basic 005 is fully released worldwide on vinyl format. The tune is by up and coming artist Mark Galitos under his DnB alias arQer.

A Dj / Producer since 1999, arQer hails from Houston, Texas and has been released on many acclaimed drumandbass labels such as Renegade Hardware, Architecture, DSCI4, Outbreak, Monkey Bizness and Basic to name a few. A trained percussionist, Mark holds a B.A. and an M.F.A. from UMKC Conservatory of Music and the California Institute of the Arts respectively.

His current work is receiving regular acclaim from home Dj’s in the USA and DnB’s homeland UK, but also more diverse areas such as New Zealand, South Africa and Hungary. arQer’s sound is all aboot the intricacies of techy-styled drumwork and post-millennial angst coming into shape through the distorted lfo’s and hysteric arpeggiators.

The current release on Basic continues the labels aim to develop emerging artists and concentrate on complex dance-floor neurobeats.

Our last 2 releases are still available via distributor SRD, and any shop interest should be directed there.

Basic 003 – Materia – Impact / Impact (Paradox Remix)
Basic 004 – [genetix] – Structures / The Genius
Basic 005 – arQer –Locomoco / Squalor

The future is bright, bringing the commencement of Secure Records and the development of an mp3 label at . The reason for this is to showcase great DnB withoot the costs of vinyl production. This will still leave the finest musical discoveries reaching the consumer in vinyl format and the aim is to bring oot a vinyl release every 2 months.

First up will be:
Secure 001 – [genetix] – Spektral Rayz / Structures (Future Prophecies Remix)
The release date for white label promo is aimed for December 2005.
Any djs interested in receiving early dubs in mp3 format or vinyl format please aim me here at: securerecords.
(Only djs with regular bookings alongside radio and net airing will be considered)
Any producers interested in sending us material please aim at the same address.

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Aim2: securerecords

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