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Nov 29, 2001

dnbforum had a chat with one of veteran duo's of Drum & Bass, Basic Unit. With releases and forthcoming releases on labels such as Deepest Cut, and Flex, things are certainly looking good for the duo from Leeds, United Kingdom.


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Nov 29, 2001

1. How old are you two?


2. How did you two meet?

At school

3. Where are you from?


4. Do you think your location has affected your success in Drum & Bass?

Yes, we are out on our own up here really. There are no other drum and bass producers in leeds so we just do our own thing.

5. What are your first names?

Ben and Rick

6. Where did the name Basic Unit come from?

That’s a secret

7. How long have you been working together for?

About 14 years. We have been releasing records together for about 11 years.

8. What is the Drum & Bass scene like in your area?

Good events are few and far between, people in leeds seem to love drum and bass but there are very few doing anything professionally.

9. 2003 looks to be a good year for Drum & Bass, where do you see it heading?

Probably more and more bouncy bassline tracks being played in clubs, which is a shame as there is a lot more to drum and bass than that.

10. Do you have a web site?

Not at the moment. We want to get a deepest cut site done at some point.

11. Individually, how long have you been producing Drum & Bass?

7 years

12. Individually, do you both DJ, and how long have you been mixing for?

Dj occasionally. Been mixing about 7 years.

13. Individually, what are your Drum & Bass influences?

Anything soulful with an edge.

14. Individually, do you have any other musical interests?

Yes. We both listen to all kinds of stuff. Hip hop, techno, funk, pop, electronica.

15. Individually, how did you become involved in the Drum & Bass scene?

I finished my degree in 1996 and rick quit his job so we could write music full time. A few months later we signed our first 2 tracks to moving shadow off the back of a demo tape we sent.

16. Individually, what did you do before Drum & Bass?

Our first release was a house track called san trancisco by punchanella in 1992.

17. What are your favourite Drum & Bass web sites?

The usuals

18. Individually, what do you do when your not playing out or in the studio?

Get some sleep



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Nov 29, 2001

1. Hardware or software?


2. What hardware/software (use as applicable) do you use to produce?

Logic, mackie

3. CD/MP3 or vinyl?

Cd and vinyl

4. Can you describe your sound?

Deep and rolling

5. What projects are you currently working on?

Our label deepest cut is getting most of our attention.

6. What future projects are in the pipe line?

We have started a production company called wildcard to develop vocal tracks.

7. Do you plan to tour soon? If so, where?


8. Are you working on any other genres other than Drum & Bass?

Wildcard will be a hip hop, r n b project, but we have always written other stuff. We have an electonica label called sofa which we released some really experimental stuff on, including an album and several singles but it’s chilling at the moment.

9. Are there any Drum & Bass artists you would like to work with?

Not really but if something happens naturally we might.

10. Is there a certain tune you would like to remix?

Horizons - ltj bukem

11. Are there any non-Drum & Bass artists you would like to work with?


12. What Drum & Bass tune are currently at the front of your record box?

Not been listening to much drum and bass recently. Trying to get a fresh perspective on our music and for the label.

13. How did it feel when you first heard someone drop one of your tunes at a club?

It was proper bo I tell thee.

14. Individually, do you have a favourite "all time" tune?

Rick: lfo – lfo (warp)
Ben: photek – rings around Saturn (photek records)

15. Turntables.. Technics or Vestax?


16. MCs.. yes, no, or depends?

No, unless they are very good.

17. Computer format.. PC, MAC, or both?


18. Bootlegs.. yes, no, or depends?




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Nov 29, 2001

1. Individually, what is your favourite colour?

Rick: depends what the setting is
Ben: I like them all equally

2. Individually, if you could move from Leeds, where would you move to?

Rick: London
Ben: new york, eventually

3. Individually, do you drive, and what do you drive?

Neither of us drive

4. Individually, what is your favourite film?

Rick: drunken master
Ben: big lebowski


1. Any shouts or final words?

Watch out for DC002 out now – rising tide b/w dub principles and DC003 out soon – puncture b/w soul heaven. For more information on Deepest Cut contact or send your demos to Deepest Cut, Po Box 206, N.U.T NE7 7WD.



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Nov 29, 2001
Re: Basic Unit

I would just like to thank Ben and Rick for taking the time out for the interview - Bigups from the massive :slayer:
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