Basic Operations: 'The Lost Tapes' Volume One

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    Yup, you heard it here first, some info was leaked out last week about a possible series of EP's full of unreleased material; well it was true.

    Available Tuesday; is volume 1 of the "Lost Tapes"; which features 4 previously unreleased tunes by Basic Operations.


    "Coming up on 5 years after the official split of Basic Operations (the legendary US outfit) Atlantic Connection & Kevin Focus have come full circle revamping the project and releasing a collection of previously unreleased material.

    “The Lost Tapes” series features those tunes you heard, wanted but could never get your hands on. Tracks like “Drifting on an Aspect VIP” (the original being featured on Liquid V’s first Club Sessions EP which graced the sets of DJs like A.I, Bailey & Bryan Gee for years after the original release) to “Keep on Dreaming” & "Atomic Puma Man" which were originally slated for Hospital Records (but pulled last minute as Basic Ops split without notice) are also scheduled in this series.

    Another heavy hitter was “New Dawn”, originally signed to Metalheadz, a rare cut only a select few of the top tier DJ’s ever had a copy of; and the massive “Since I’ve Seen You” which stayed on LTJ Bukems playlist for almost a year but never saw an official release.

    These and more are being released in the “Lost Tapes” series with volume one dropping Tuesday exclusively via If you ever wanted to get your hands on these gems; now’s the time, the guys aren’t even sure they’ll leave these up for permanent download.

    Watch out for brand new Basic Operations tracks; the dubplates are ready and going out to your favorite DJs soon."

    Basic Operations
    The Lost Tapes volume one

    1. Drifting on an Aspect (VIP)
    2. Since I've Seen You
    3. O.S.F
    4. Keep On Dreaming