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    : update :

    Summer Update: Basic Operations

    Well, the summer has almost come to a close. Hope everyone has had a wicked couple months enjoying the warm, sunny weather in whichever part of the globe you’re located.

    - We’ve been busy at work once again gathering ideas, writing songs, and formulating for this fall.
    Rolling out some new singles for the early autumn season; “Moonrise / a Better Tomorrow” is set for release on Renegade Recordings in September, promo release in stores now or check . Also set for Renegade Recordings and featured on the next Renegade Rollers CD mixed by Holdtight, is our well received dub-funk rolla’ “Sound Killah”. Having gotten the rounds on Flight and Baileys 1 Xtra shows we are very pleased to see its release! This one is to be backed by the classy tropical-glam beats of “Yucatan Coast”, inspired by my view of the Yucatan Peninsula from 30,000 ft.

    - Also on the schedule is “Caulker Sunrise / EraSoul” forthcoming on Total Science’s Advanced Recordings. “C Sunrise” rolls out the Island sounds with haunting West Indies vocals, Irie guitar licks and a super dubbed out b-line. On the flip, “Era Soul” is a more musical, soulful-jazzy number, pushing for the more lo-fi side of things. And as an added surprise, it’s featured on LTJ Bukem’s next “Logical Progressions” album!

    *On the darker side of it all, our death metal influenced, growler of a tune,“White” backed by Mason’s “Punisher”, is out on promo for Freak Recordings now. “White” has definitely been an earmark track for us receiving heavy rounds this year worldwide and being featured on Dieselboy’s “Dungeon Masters Guide” album along with the neuro-scaped vibes of “Studio 54 Remix” for Karl K, Jae Kennedy and Kaos.

    *Look out for us in your favorite zine, full interviews, heart spills and all the latest gossip in the June/July issue of Rinse magazine and also a special feature “Leaders of the New School” in issue # 60 of ATM magazine.

    *Also on the way is the beginning of Basic Ops Recordings on, for all the stuff sitting in the archives just waiting to get out, and the full label coming soon on vinyl and CD with some serious beats to emerge.

    *Loads more on the way, new website address and updates see: . Thanks again for all your support, never goes unnoticed, big up to Renegade, CIA/Advanced, Freak, All the heads supporting our sound and all the heads supporting the movement.

    Here are few clips...

    Basic Operations - SoundKilla (Renegade)

    Basic Operations - Caulker Sunrise - CIA014

    Basic Operations - Erasoul - CIA014

    [Upcoming Dates]

    August 6th - Club Sky: Charlotte, NC
    August 20 - Gracie's 121: Wilmington, NC
    August 25 - Refresh: Greenville, NC
    September 5 - TBA: Miami, FL
    September 14 - Rinse & Repeat: Wilmington, NC
    September 17 - TBA - Atlanta, GA
    September 18 - Masonboro Island: Wrightsville Beach, NC
    September 23 – Respect: Los Angles, CA


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