Basic Operations - Erasoul / Caulker Sunrise

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Two tracks that feel like they've taken an eternity to be released finally see the light of day from the Advanced camp, allowing this trio to flex another side of their ecleptic skills.
Beautiful light summer sun horns open gently across crisp hi-hat shimmers & plastic kicks, suspending themselves above the precise snare hits & then perfectly melting into the vocal break. Soft laid back synth chords play subtley throughout the back until the crisp drums introduce themselves to the relaxed tempo & feel good factor of this record.
I love the sharp attack & polished effect each kick drum gives when accompanied by the jazz bass & simplistic melody which runs over each bar, allowing quick vocal cuts & uplifting doses of enchanting riffs to slide themsleves into the tune.
Never to hectic or dancefloor orientated this just moulds itself into a layed back roller which LTJ Bukem would paint a perfect picture to.

Overall: 7/10

Caulker Sunrise
Jamaican sirens & ragga vocals open the intro, while dusty FX fall across the snare & streched cymbal crashes.
No time is taken within the breakdown it's straight into the dubbed bass & delayed timpani & sirens, while conga rhythms gyrate descretly causing you to get a little head nod action working to da riddim!!
The ragga vocals continue their work well, driving the bass underground then back over, while the ethnic percussion rides solidly amongst the melody.

If it was a drink it would be light, refreshing, & served up at 7am in the morning while the sun begins to rise above a beach party on an island in the Barrier Reef. :rslayer:

Overall 7/10

Coming On: Advanced Recordings

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