Baron "Ransom / Deftone" (Commercial Suicide 005)


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Mar 4, 2002
Baron "Ransom / Deftone" (Commercial Suicide 005)

This is a cheeky record right here and it doesn't lack on the jungle vibes either. "Ransom" is the tune here. Really happy sounding bongos that play in different 'ardkore inspired patterns, jungle bird sounds, a nice breakbeat that I haven't heard in ages, and game boy Super Mario World sounds. I do have quams about it such as the fact its extremely tracky, there aren't any BIG changes in it and theres no hands in the air breakdown. The other side has some nice sounds but its way the fuck too tracky and 2-stepy to rock my butt.

A nice record from Klute's label but not as 'Ardkore as "Glue Sniffer".
rasom = a fucking TUUUUUNNNNEEEE!!!

best one at the moment in my opinion!

didnt really like it the first time i heard it , but then i woke up the next day and couldnt get it out of my head , ever since im loving it! bought it as fast as i could.
Mulla said:
stuuu said:
yay! 1992 is back, thought we'd lost ya dude :D

Think we still have!!!! Look at the post date: 18-04-2002 10:03 !!! 1992 aint been around for time.

lol, oh yeah *slaps himself* :cry:
But look I'm back again :) DOA has been sucking lately, I've been staying away from all of the message boards. I have a new mix which I'll post (In the mix section?) later.
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