Baron - Meet The Creeper VIP (CIA ltd)


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Mar 21, 2002
Bored at Work
Continuing CIA's LTD sub-label, Baron revamps one of last years dancefloors favourites, backed with Total Science's remix of their own 'Zanzibar'.
A cheeky little intro gets 'Meet The Creeper' off to a good start, with a rising build-up making the drop that bit more effective! Baron has taken the original b-line and chopped it up, to create maximum effectiveness. Not all to different to the original, but not similar enough to be a waste of money, but then again I am a huge Baron fan and enjoy pretty much everything he does!
Flip for the more musical 'Zanzibar' remix. Starting off on a liquid-y tip, the tune builds with the use of sultry vox until a tearing distorted bassline hits you, carrying along with it a solid break. Staying pretty much the same right through to the end, the tune does not dissappoint, as it is a refreshing update of the original.

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