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    ack with another History Mix
    This time artist Baron, loads of bangers in here from back in the day

    He now goes under the name Piers Baron doing soundtrack music and is living out in L.A hope he invites me round for a cup of tea when I'm over there


    Face Card -- Baron
    Ransom -- Baron
    Skool Dayz (Baron Remix)-- Total Science
    Locked Vision -- Baron
    Long Shot tease -- Baron
    Hell Billy -- Baron
    Eight Bit -- Baron
    The Split -- Baron
    See Me -- Baron
    Meet The Creeper VIP -- Baron
    Big Deal -- Baron & Total Science
    Nosher (Baron Remix) -- Total Science
    Red Head -- Baron
    Monkey See, Monkey Do -- Baron & Total Science
    Channel X -- Baron
    Superfuzz -- Baron
    School Disco -- Baron
    Wobble Inc -- Baron
    Blind Cobblers Thumb (Baron Remix) Futurebound & Jaquan
    Kerbkrawler (Baron Remix)Ed Rush & Optical
    Cold Rock Stuff (Baron Remix) -- Tango & Ratty
    Nosher VIP (DJ Craze & Baron Remix) -- Total Science
    Butt Ugly Martians -- Baron & Friction
    The Way it Was -- Baron
    Dead List Five -- Baron
    A Modern Way -- Baron
    Turn Style (Baron Remix) -- Zen
    Supernature -- Baron & Fresh
    Mysterons (Baron Remix) Shimon & Moving Fusion
    Operation Pipe Dream -- Baron
    Squelch (Sub Focus Remix) -- Baron
    Bleach -- The Alternative (Aka Baron)
    Out of Here -- The Alternative (Aka Baron)
    Turn Up The Sun -- Baron
    At The Drive In -- Baron
    The Return -- The Alternative (Aka Baron)
    Mission -- The Alternative (Aka Baron)
    Half Light, Half Life -- Baron
    Endless Summer (Ft Ayah) -- Baron
    Still Here (Baron Remix) -- Stanton Warriors
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