Baron "Hell Billy" & Visionary "Big Bad Sound"?


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Mar 4, 2002
Baron "Hell Billy" and Visionary "Bib Bad Sound" I find very pleasing. Are these records out yet or are there just some white label teasers floating around?

Both have a nice 1992 sound although the visionary seems to sound more modern. The Baron one is one of the better tunes I've heard come out of him. Its full of change ups and the sound itself reminds me of Rotterdam Termination Source's smash hit "Poing".:2thumbs:
WOW! The B side of that Visionary tune sounds like something directly out of a 1993 LTJ Bukem set. Ruff with the smooth, I like this :D

Holy crap, theres even crowd noise (cheers, whistiles, etc). Very impressive!
According to CIA Recordings:

CIA013 - Dec 9th
A. Meet the Creeper - Baron
AA. Hell Billy - Baron

According to Chemical Records:

Release date currently unknown.
Ohh thats right, I got that CIA spam mail as well. Yeah the chemical doesn't have it which means CIA is wrong.
I think I like Visionary's "Global Clash" even more. I've listened to it 3 times already. Its not really all that wonderful in its construction, it just has a really sweet classy vibe to it.
'Hellbilly' is a fucking choon!!! :slayer: Was promo'd about a month or so back, although Im pretty sure it has been released now.
A what stick? er... whatever. Yes Hell Billy has sort of a poing-ish sound to it, I like it :)
I was always under the impression that PLUR is a brand of powdered soap used in washing machines in the UK. I don't think it would work here because we have hard water.
I'd rather forget about PLUR, its the biggest bunch of crap ever. :shake:

Big up freeagent too :2thumbs: :crazy: :lickface: :gaywhite:
Just noticed 'Hellbilly's scheduled for a Monday release. Still no sign of 'BBS' tho, and that was promo'd a good couple of months back.
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