Banquet Records (Kingston-Upon-Thames) Drum & Bass New releases 3/10/11

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    D&B News:

    So, one of the biggest Repeater lineups we've ever had which includes the executioner Andy C, lively Reggae ambassador David Rodigan and incredible producer/ DJ for Cyantific who's had music out on both Ram and Hospital is nearing!! It's all going ahead this Wednesday 5th October and you can get tickets for £7 instore or online if you click here.

    Onto the releases! This week dynamic Austrian duo Camo & Krooked drop their second album "Cross the Line" which is their first on the mighty Hospital Records. Need For Mirrors deliver the second release "Zercon" b/w "Smack" on their own label & Dub Phizix drop a cold pair of deep rollers on Soul:R. We also have massive tracks from Moving Fusion & Eddy Woo, Rebel MC, Ed Rush & more!

    On a promo tip legendary Irishman Calibre drops yet another LP this time aiming his new "Condition" more towards the dancefloor. Heist comes correct on Calypso with his track "Earths Core" and Dose drops a pair of grimy rollers on Dieselboy's Human Imprint. That's it people don't miss out on Repeater it's gonna be huge!!

    New Release:

    Camo & Krooked - ‘Cross The Line’ - Hospital Records
    Ed Rush - 'Book Of Sight/Arcadia' - Virus Recordings
    Need For Mirrors - 'Zercon / Smack’ - Zoltar
    A.M.C - 'Time / Elektron' - Cold Blooded Recordings
    Xilent 'Evolutions Per Minute' - Mainframe
    Dub Phizix - The Editor / Narrow Eyes - Soulr
    Moving Fusion and Eddy Woo - Jazz Man / Deep Inside - Mastermind
    Rebel MC feat. Tenor Fly, Daddy Freddy, Nanci Correla
    and Serial Killaz - Get Ready (Original Mix / Kosine and Dialect Remix) - Congo Natty

    Promo Release:

    Telekinesis - ‘Sacrifice’ - Bad Taste Recordings
    Cooh - Moscow EP - Maniphest Records
    Calibre - Condition (12” x 3 and CD shrink wrapped together) - Signature
    dRamatic & dbAudio - So Strong / 6 Degrees - Mars Recordings
    Dose - Retribution EP - Human Imprint
    Quadrant vs. Dabs - The Remixes - Citrus Recordings
    C.A.2K. & Absurd & OTM - Room Number One / Our World VIP - Future Sickness Records
    The Storyteller / In The Dark - Switch Technique / Deathmachine Union Records
    Serial Killaz, Run Tingz, Tenor Fly and Blackout JA - Murder Ya Sound (UK Jungle Mix / Jump Up Mix) - Run Tingz
    Heist - Earths Core / City At The Edge Of Midnight - Calypso