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    D&B News:

    Huge pressure in the arena today!! Incredibly talented engineer Audio drops his debut album "Soulmagnet" on Virus this week. It's the best thing that's been on Virus for a long time in my opinion and a real hark back to glory days of Wormhole! Future Cut see their timeless Metalheadz anthem "Obsession" remixed by Ulterior Motive who do an outstanding job by keeping essential elements but bring it firmly into 2012. Also on Metalheadz Amit drops his halftime bomb "Killer Driller"! Plus we have sick tracks from Original Sin, Need For Mirrors, Beta 2 and masses more!

    In the promo section two local friends of the shop go head to head!! First up our homeboy Cyantific displays his incredible production prowess on the "Liberty E.P"!! And on a different but no less amazing flex the badman that is Xtrah shows the World how it's done with the truly groundbreaking "Soundclash" 12" on Critical! Plus we have some wicked tings from Calyx & Teebee, Loko & Escher!!

    Repeater and Critical Music are joining forces on the 9th of November to bring you a stellar session whiich sees the mighty Dubplate king Kasra, head of Critical Music hit the decks as well as our boy Xtrah for a one off Repeater Special!! this is one not to be missed!! That's it guys hope you have a quality week!!

    New Releases:

    Audio ‘Soulmagnet’ LP - Virus Recordings
    Audio ‘Soulmagnet’ CD - Virus Recordings
    Various - 'The Other Side' CD - Symmetry Recordings
    V/A - ‘Medical Mix (Mixed by Joe Syntax)’ - Med School Music
    Future Cut - 'Obsession Remix (Ulterior Motive Remix)' - Razors Edge
    Need For Mirrors - 'Vimana' & ‘Snubnose’ - Playaz Recordings UK
    Original Sin - 'Mad World EP’ - Playaz Recordings UK
    Amit - 'Killer Driller / Colour Blind Feat. Rani' - Metalheadz
    Need For Mirrors - 'War On Drugs / Videodrome (Feat. Zero T)’ - FTM
    Beta 2 ft Pete Josef / Zero T ‘Love Finds Me / Red Hand" - CIA Deep Kut
    Teddy Killerz - ‘New Drums / Double Thinking’ - Bad Taste Recordings
    Break & Survival - Stano / Going Over - Dispatch Recordings
    Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Household Goods (Enei Remix) / Garden (Calibre Remix) - Unknown


    Xtrah - Soundclash / Discordance - Critical Music
    Cyantific - Liberty EP - Cyantific
    Escher - Rugged / Late Snare - Narratives Music
    Dub One - Lion Step / No More Games / Natalie's Rhodes - Scientific Wax
    Champa - Torment / Soldiers of the Cause / 5:40 - Scientific Wax
    Calyx & Teebee - "Pure Gold" / "Perspectives" - Ram Records
    Loko - "Bassline Secret" / "Shadows" - Program


    It's all going off in the Dubstep World this week as Tunnidge treats us to the extraordinary "Brixton Bass E.P" on Chestplate!! I know a lot of you guys have been waiting for this deep vibe!! Also wicked underground producer Squarewave join the ranks of Boka Records and see their riotous banger "Snitch" get remixed by a legend in the game Sukh Knight which in bound to make crowds go nuts with it's unique bassline! On the flip we have "Heartbeat Dub" another straight up killer!!

    On a seriously grimy flex the man like Jakes purveyor of all things dirty elists the much loved Sgt Pokes to bellow his catchphrase "Fuck Off" over a tear out beat which is out of course on Hench!! Plus we welcome James Blake back to the World of Dubstep!! He lays out a typically stripped back yet warm and freaky beat for wicked MC Trim to flex lyrical other which results in some seriously screwed up yet amazing results!! Their "Confidence Boost" b/w "Saying" is an essential purchase!!

    Wonky/Bass Music

    A host of musical delights in the bass music section this week. Four Tet drops a scorcher of a 12" on Text. The massively hyped "Get Things Straight" by mysterious producer LB Lynam first heard on Daphni's Boiler Room set gets a release. James Blake & Trim team for some futuristic grime sounds up on R&S. an anonymous BIG name producer drops a couple of monster edits of old R&B classics under his new Animal Youth guise & if you're feeling this check the Lorca edit of 'Love Like This', first release on a new label from the good fella's behind the excellent Church nights.

    Dan 'Daphni' Snaith has released a full album entitled 'Jiaolong' housing most of the previous ultra limited 12"s on the label. Flying Lotus & Gaslamp Killer, two of the westcoast's finest beat bakers both release amazing new albums & makes sure you check the Disclosure remix 12" too - top stuff here!