Bangers 'n' Mash Fast Radio 1 106.9 FM Every 2nd Friday 7-9 pm (NZST)

For the new year, I decided to roll back my MRTN Mix show to every 2 weeks, get a new name and get more guest DJ's on the show...

Introducing Bangers 'n' Mash with Martian & Friends on Fast Radio 1 106.9 FM every second Friday 7-9 pm (NZST).

I upload the mixes to MixCloud with full track lists the week after the episode airs.

Will update this thread with new episodes, here are the first 7:

Ep. 1 Best of 2014 featuring eLLaRR

Ep. 2 featuring eLLaRR

Ep. 3 featuring Talisman & Apollo

Ep. 4 featuring eLLaRR

Ep. 5 featuring Talisman

Ep. 6 featuring eLLaRR

Ep. 7 featuring eLLaRR, Apollo & Talisman