Drum & Bass Bangers & Mash Pt.1 - New Year Mix

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    Hi All,

    I recorded this a day or so ago. It's a selection of tracks varying in age - but all (IMO) killlas, no fillas. I moved to the US last year and have yet to gather the funds for more turntables. This was recorded on a DDJ (which is basically 2 CDJs and a mixer in 1 unit, just with MP3s rather than CDs, and linked to Serato Itch). I DO NOT use the Sync button - ever! I have been mixing with vinyl since '93, so this is still fairly new to me, and for some god forsaken reason, my headphones are slightly out from the music... There are definitely a couple of clanger mixes in here, but I wasn't going to re-record the whole thing again.


    Enjoy, criticise, download, share etc...

    Edit: Tracklist is on Soundcloud, but I'll post it here anyway:

    Bangers & Mash Pt.1 - New Year 2012

    Mind Vortex - Onslaught
    Slipmatt - Breaking Free (Modified Motion Remix)
    Mickey Finn & Aphrodite - Bad Ass (Slum Dogz Remix)
    TC - Game Over
    Faction, Modified Motion - 1up
    Firefox - Who Is It (Bladerunner Remix)
    Krome & Time - Ganja Man (Jaydan Remix)
    Taktix - It's The Way (Serum Remix)
    Taxman & Original Sin - Seen
    DJ Hazard - Busted
    Crystal Clear & Zen - Heavy VIP
    Faction, Modified Motion - Sci-Fi
    Firefox - May Day
    Adam F - Eightball
    SLY, Majistrate, Trigga - One World
    Sparkzeeman - Back In 5 Minutes
    Moving Fusion - Turbulence
    Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (High Contrast Remix)
    Sub Focus - Timewarp
    TC - Tap Ho
    Delta Heavy - Overkill
    Krome & Time - The Licence (Break Remix)
    Serial Killaz - Gutter Skank
    DJ Nut Nut - Special Dedication (Sigma Remix)
    Ed Solo, Deekline ft Million Dan - Paella (Blaze It Up)
    Exclusive Jungle Mix!
    Kenny Ken - Murda You (Savage Rehab Remix)
    Serial Killaz - Mash You Down
    Kenny Ken & Savage Rehab - Lalabella 2011
    Tom & Jerry - Love 2 Lover (Serial Killaz Remix)
    Major Lazer - Hold The Line (Serial Killaz Remix)
    Kenny Ken - Everyman (Modified & Faction Remix)
    Serial Killaz, Tenor Fly & Blackout Ja - Bun Babylon (Purify The System UK Jungle Mix)
    Leviticus - Big Bad & Heavy (Serial Killaz Remix)
    Zeds Dead ft Mavado - Undah Yuh Skirt
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