Bandpass Filtering

I really struggle with Bass modulation. I get decent basses with a lot of movement in it. When it comes to modulation I really suck. What scares me a bit (since I think I'm just too stupid) is that I do not even get it right with tutorials. I tried (for example) a bass like in this tutorial:

When it comes to the bandpass filtering I cannot create that rhytmic, pumoing, plucked-like modulation like in the vid at about 2:33. Since I'm not a Ableton user I cannot try it with the auto filter. I have enough alternative filters (paid and free ones) with which the same effect should be possible... I just do not get it... it sounds always dull and not that clean and sharp like in the vid... hope you know what I mean.

can someone provide me some tips about this? which plugins / settings do you use for BP filtering?