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    BAN BAN >>> / (Curitiba/Brazil)

    BAN BAN has become one of the fastest rising Drum ‘n’ Bass DJ's in the scene. His relationship with the decks began at a very young age. At fifteen, trained strictly as a battle DJ he started dominating all local DJ competitions. When he decided to change his music style (he was previously a hip-hop/breaks DJ), he instantly took the D&B scene by storm... scratching records with his elbows while introducing the crowd to his stylish “jump up” sound. Wherever he performs he is crowned as a king, this fact has led him to perform with artists as Dom & Roland, Subfocus, Simon Bassline Smith, Grooverider & Chris Su, just to name a few. Ban Ban is looking forward to showing his “hidden gems” to the real Drum n Bass lovers! BOOK HIM NOW!

    Look out for this phenomenon on the decks!


    BAN BAN has decided to extend his stay in Europe due to some enquiries received for January 2006! You can find below some of his free dates in 2006

    Only return flight ticket from Europe required!
    ** Artist Fee is negotiable based on the promoter's budget **

    Watch these impressive videos:

    audio sets:


    Tour Dates:
    12.11 @ Liquid Club, Malta
    17.11 @ Decadance, Gent, Belgium
    07.12 @ Tattingers, Malta
    09.12 @ Rak Cafe, Pecs, Hungary
    10.12 @ Citadella, Budapest, Hungary
    16.12 @ Pub Fiction Club, Sopron, Hungary
    17.12 @ Neusiedl, Austria
    23.12 @ Sopron, Hungary
    25.12 @ Fabric, Ostrava, Czech Republic
    29.12 @ Nightlife Club, Johvi, Estonia
    30.12 @ Club Pilot, Tallinn, Estonia
    31.12 @ Ksilourgeio:Milos, Thessaloniki, Greece
    06.01 free
    07.01 free
    13.01 free
    14.01 free
    20.01 free
    21.01 free
    25.01 @ Sala Apolo, Barcelona
    26.01 @ Brussels, Belgium
    27.01 free
    28.01 free
    03.02 free
    04.02 @ Blue Mountain, Bristol, U.K.
    10.02 @ Platoon, Manchester, U.K.
    11.02 free
    14.02 back to BRAZIL

    booking contact
    ICQ 103968102
    AIM feroglobal
    tel. +356 79 918 659