Drum & Bass Balloon With Boots - Inception [WIPish]

st. alexander

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I like that intro, sounds like score. When that beat hits though, it kicks. Sounds good man. The only negative things I could say are: and firstly this is a general complaint I have with any style. We gotta get away from using the same old sounds. Even though I think the bass sounds really good, it's a very common sort of thing in this style, isn't it? I think if you could figure out some other part to go on top, that could take some attention away from it, it would only make this song better. Heard "Spring" and that song's got a melody going on top, so I think you could figure something out. I think if you can figure out a part that fits on top of what you've got going that's rhythmic or sort of melodic, it would sound good.

I like your beats and think what you have going is good.
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Good stomper of a track, like the shuffle in the drums. The bass sounds slightly distorted , although my speakers are a on the way out so might just be me :p

mr meh

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Heavy as fuck!

I would bring that shuffle out a little more and I agree with the other guy about bringing in a melodic/rhythmic part at some point.
Drums are really nice sounding. Needs more top end, can't hear the hats at all. Maybe thats the saturation your using which is masking them, not sure.

The main synth is proper filth, I would like to hear it without all the panning though. It's nice to hear something different, but it's quite distracting, even more so on headphones I'd imagine!

It's a fair point about the variation bit, it needs a break from the filth at some point. This is quite Black sun empire, but they use a lot of simple melodies to break it up, not that you wanna do exactly what they do of course.

Stick some heavy duty phaser on the synth at a few bits, like the 2nd drop.

Nice work.