Bailey, Chase and Status, Mr Joseph @ 1Xtra D&B - 2011/02/02


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Dec 23, 2010

Wednesday night is all about Drum & Bass!! And tonight Bailey brings it to you hard with the 1Xtra D&B show...
Chase & Status pass through the studio to talk about their latest album and what it's like to be in the D&B limelight...
We have a guest mix from Producer, Club Promoter and DJ, Mr Joseph...
And Bailey plays you the top 5 largest D&B hits in the UK right now!!

DJ Taktix - The Way [Serum Remix] [Apex]
Muwookie - Knowing
NW2 aka Cabbie & DJ Origin - Nite People [Nemesis]
Dope Ammo & Tone Def - Rollin [Sub Zero Remix] [Dope Ammo]
Taxman - Konkrete Shoes [Playaz]
D*Minds feat Ghost Dawg - Maniac Cop VIP
Dillinja - So Special
Rufige Kru - Terminator [S.P.Y VIP] [Razors Edge]
Subwave - Dream Catcher [Goldie VIP]
DJ Hazard - Death March


Tyke And Recipe - The Music Makers [Grid Recordings]
Prolix, Gridlok and Fats - Tru Born Playa [Playaz]
Origin Unknown - Lunar Bass [Commix Remix] [Ram Records]
Icicle - Dreadnaught [feat. SPMC] [Shogun Audio]


Chase & Status - Hocus Pocus [Ram Records]

Chase & Status - No Problem [Ram Records]
Chase & Status - Fool Yourself [Vertigo]
Lemon D - Give It To Em [Reinforced]
Photek - Infinity [Science]
Hybris - Keeping Me [Invisible]
Mikal - Headbanger [Metalheadz]
Mr Joseph - Break it Down Like This [Totaal Rez]


Mr Joseph Ft Kate White - Forever Weekend [Liquid V]
Mr Joseph - Necessary [Liquid V]
Mr Joseph Ft Jett - Tear Drop [Telluric Records]
Mr Joseph & Andyskopes - Going Down [Unsigned]
Mr Joseph & Edward Oberon Ft Youngman MC - It's My Life [Unsigned]
Mr Joseph & Andyskopes - Alone At My Desk [Unsigned]
Mr Joseph & Andyskopes - Trash Talk [secret Operation]
Mr Joseph & Andyskopes - Unsound [Unsigned]
Mr Joseph - Chopsticks [Liquid V]
Mr Joseph - Rodigan [Liquid V]
Mr Joseph - Danger Room [Liquid V]
Mr Joseph & Leks - Guilty [Fizzy Beats]
Mr Joseph & Andyskopes - Call To Arms [secret Operation]

Mr Joseph - Back On Earth [Influence]
Sevin - Fine Tuning
System - Tension [Digital Soundboy]
Break & Die - Slow Down [Tek 9 Intro]

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