Bag Full Of Dreams #002 OUT NOW.


It is time for the second release of our label and there are a few things to mention about this one.

Track is called "Dollar Phase" and the guy who created it, keeps his name secret under the alias "Days Of Light".This is a new experiment that we thought would be an interesting concept and a great way to see what matters the most.

Is it the name or the product?

"Dollar Phase" couldn't be less than a well produced track.Space between elements and layered sounds which create a great feeling of movement into the already pumping groove of the track.The mysticism about the artist keeping his name secret, also translates into the tracks soul as you don't know what to expect the way "Dollar Phase" evolves.

Those characteristics could not leave undisturbed some of the big guns of the electronic music scene.
Nick Warren & Hernan Cattaneo are some of the artists that support "Dollar Phase".

Selected feedback:

Nick Warren: another excellent release well done !

Hernan Cattaneo: very nice! thank youuu.

Darin Epsilon: Fun bouncy tune and enjoyable to listen to : )

dpen: Nice. Thank you for sending it!

We are currently speaking with a bunch of artists and actually we'll keep that concept to our future releases.It's all about music at the end of the day.

"Days Of Light" : You might know me, but with a different face!

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