Bag Full O Bangers mix

Been on here a while, thought I's share my sounds with you guys!!

1. Mutt - Hot Lick Squeeze
2. Zinc - Fairfight (Friction Remix)
3. Break - Is this What you want?
4. Subfocus - Stomp
5. Ed Rush + Optical - Alien Girl (Tease)
6. Ed Rush + Optical - Chubrub
7. (Heist - Night Shift)
8. Dj Hazard - Mr Happy
9. Twisted Individual- Rusty Sheriffs Badge
10. Marky & S.P.Y - Brainstorm
11. Jaydan - The Driller Killer
12. Bad Company - The Nine
13. Dj Hazard - Proteus
14. Sub Zero - Poon
15. Heist - The Verdict
16. Dj Hazard - Killers Dont Die
17. (Ed Rush + Optical - Alien Girl)
18. Culture Shock - Machine
19. Noisia - Friendly Intentions
20. Dj Hazard - Food Fight
21. Mampi Swift - The One
22. Vicious Circle & Fierce - Section
23. Break - All Around.


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safe man, not heard any of your mixes before, over all pretty tight, but was a bit gutted that you was switching some of the tune instead of letting them drop..
is that what you was going for, or just wasnt sure if it was going to a tight mix? thought churub >> mr happy was a rip off, heard it toooo many time
i thought it seemed like you was trying to throw on as many tunes as quick as possible, i would of preferred to hear you ride the the mixes instead of cutting them out, but il put it down to experience, i just thought your mixes were tight enough to let them both drop..
Didnt think the rewind was needed in the middle, but did come back with a heavy mix.. was surprised you played Alien Girl again though.. kinda see what you was trying to do, tease it earlier in the mix, then later actually drop, cool concept, but personally once is enough
Keep hard at it man, cause your mixes are tight as fook !!
Food Fight >> The One was the best mix on here, was bouncing in me bed haha, keep it up anyways man, look forward to hearing the next mix ;)
Cheers bud, nice to get some feedback.

TBH, this mix was not thought through at all, I literally picked out the tunes I've been playing out most (hence the name!) and threw em together to see what it would sound like. Like the alien girl cut - things like that, was just dicking about really to see what it sounded like!

Cheers for the feedback though dude, will help me move things forward.

Yeah, foodfight >> the one is for mr happy >> Chubrub - I thought i came up with that but since i played it to my mate....he instantly showed me an Andy C mix with it on!!! Wounded!! ha ha. Think I'll bin that off!


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