BaD RoBoT - Kantaah/Good Evil - Medusa 001 promos out now!

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    BaD RoBoT - Kantaah/Good Evil - Medusa 001 promos out now!

    available at the moment on redeye and chemical recs.


    distro thru nu-urban:

    "Medusa touches down with the first release from Australian duo Bad Robot, Kantaah /
    Good Evil (The Dawn of Man). Although they pass off an often humorous take on
    the music world with their explosive live show spectacle, this cut is no
    laughing matter.

    First up Kantaah kicks off with spooky sci-fi atmospherics and horror voice
    samples, a filtered funk break is helped along by an oldskool stab into the
    drop. Pounding bass hits and a twisted riff follow in what can only be
    described as a dirty sci-fi roller. Tough beats, subtle percussion switches.
    Definately some upfront dancefloor material from the Perth pair. Clubs across
    the world have been enjoying this one courtesy of Chris SU, BSE & Pendulum.

    On the reverse is Good Evil (The Dawn of Man), starting out lightly with airy
    atmospherics, dirty voice sample and trancey stabs. The Robots build it
    beautifully unable to prepare for the switching dirty bass and masterfully
    constructed broken beats firing from all angles. The ever changing beat
    patterns and cheeky amen licks are not for the faint of heart. With support
    from the likes of Evol Intent, BSE & Mayhem, Good Evil is a darkside cut
    not to be taken lightly.

    Armed with a full stage show complete with props, antics and costumes and a
    long list of forthcoming material on some of Europe and US' top labels, this
    first release is a sign of big things for Bad Robot for 2006. THE ROBOTS ARE
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    You guys are quality bringing something different to d&B not just music but a full stageshow bigup!!! When u hitting the UK shores?:2thumbs: