Bad Company Remix Album (Audio, Upbeats, InsideInfo, etc.)

Yeah they've kept enough original elements yet still sounds alot like neonlight

I like it
Hi, Bass heads I stumbled across this forum looking for The Upbeats - Let It Roll Open Air 2014 Tracklist and had to join to comment. I'm 37 and been with and loved this music since the early days. And I can still remember hearing Bad Company - Planet Dust for the first time and back then it was killer And many years forward its the same with Planet Dust (The Upbeats Remix) As remix's go the tune is Badass but that is my opinion everyone's different
Whether you liked them or not, the originals were all mould-breaking anthems that completely changed the face of Drum and Bass and put the rave back into what had become a very sterile, moribund and geeky music.

If you are going to pick remixers for them, at least pick ones that are swimming against the tide and give them the latitude to do something fresh with them, and don't literally pick your remixers at random from the mainstage lineup of some shite Bosnian neuro festival.

This whole enterprise was doomed from the start - they could have had this series of remixes validate Bad Company as visionary electronic musicians and cement their place in the pantheon of greats, but instead they gave a gaggle of third rate post-Pendulum clones an opportunity to paste a few thoroughly rinsed samples into whatever half-finished projetcs they had lying around their studios.
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