Bad Company Remix Album (Audio, Upbeats, InsideInfo, etc.)


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Jan 9, 2012

This album deserves a topic on his own imo !

The LP will include remixes by Audio, Upbeats, Prototypes, Optiv & BTK, InsideInfo

* Oxygen - Prolix Remix -
* Spider - Optiv & BTK remix - * Mo Fire Remix * Hornet Remix * Dogs on the moon * The Code Remix * 4 days - Mefjus Remix
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I'll be happy to eat my words should i be proved wrong, but...

Prototypes remixing pulse?


I can't see that working out too well...

Torpedo remix is dope as fuck though, can't stand the planet dust remix, will reserve judgement on spider until i hear it.
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just posting here so that little green symbol comes up on the home page beside this thread so I'm reminded to check it
What other artist from DnB past would you like to see have some of their tunes remixed?

Dillinja could be good if they got the right remixers on board
i would love to see a remix of hornet
dunno who could do it justice though
maybe break?
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