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Bullit Time
It's great to see the boyz back in the production business & kicking up a storm with some classic sounding )EIB( nastiness.
A Cinematic wave of orchestral instruments flood the speakers straight away & then instantly turn into a distant array of grinding metal & lifeless wind FX, just to deepen the mood of this track a little.
A futuristic sounding female voice guides us through a history lesson for what the future brings & what devestation is going to begin when this nano-tech stomper morphs into it's full combat guise & unleashes it's anger towards the floor. The Matrix take on things is in no means a new idea, but it does have a way of catching your thoughts & really sinking it's influental words upon yourself.
A heartbeat bass thumps nervously beneath the vocals & story building FX before it merges with a mind screwing filter & scissor clip hi-hats, that instantly become a metallic vocal which breathes out a new chapter to this dark story.
The drums are a very tech sounding affair which helps to hand the main drive of the track over to the slick hi-hats & shaker sets that sew between each other nicely. The wavey orchestral synth becomes very menacing between the perussion & deeply layered acidic pool of grind 303 that teases a subtle wail of synth out of the darkness.
Once the course is set the leaps & bounds of this track become stronger & stronger & small attacks of FX challenge each other for a place in the final battle which becomes a memorable reese attack stab, which will have crowds throwing hands in the air once heard from the system. The drum patterns drive becomes hard & punishing, & will not back down for anyone once teamed with the reinforced industrial piping cymbals & murky underlying filters.
Once locked within this web there is no escaping the second & third round of that thunderous reese stab which leads into a suspense drop that nags at your ears with sickening whispers of hi-hat sets & horror movie orchestral sweeps. The slow wave of FX moves eeriely until it's time to knock you straight back 'To The Real World'.
This continously pushes forward with real grit between it's teeth & shows that more time & precise thought was placed into a percussive beat rather than a melodic bouncy number that is taking the floors by storm at the moment. A quality release IMO that sounds like it wouldn't go amiss on the 'Digital Nation' album of old. Watch out because there coming back!!!

Overall 8.5/10 :dutty:

An interesting track that definetly isn't as soft as it's title suggest's!!
Old school hardcore vocals are quickly cut, and rearranged to create a smooth roll with the jumping snare pattern & sweet atmospheric piano keys that like to ease into the intro of the track from time to time.The feeling is very light & refreshing once started but it all switches into a real techno bounce once the dark star bass riff slices through the middle of the beat.
Rave chords fly into a subtle warp bassline that morphs alongside a plastic style kick & some quick exchanges of cymbals & shakers just to fill the low-end of the track.
Not a great deal of movement appears within each section but together they make a minimal tech roller that has some tense drops, & catchy riffs that could work well if used more as a quick fill-in rather than a full length tarck.
This isn't a bad B side it just needs a little care & attention to mature into it's full intent.
I'm looking forward to the coming months when these guys bring there new work to the masses because a shakeup is what they will cause!

Overall 7/10
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