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May 20, 2008
The back2you remix projects are proud to announce the latest remix project from one of Drum & Bass’s definitive artists to grace the scene DJ SS.

DJ SS played an important role in the early-'90s development of drum'n'bass, releasing a number of formative tracks beginning in 1990 on his co-owned Formation label before returning in the mid-'90s with a plethora of productions after a brief sabbatical.

"Black" sure is one of the better tunes on the Formation Colour Series, and probably the most sought after one, the quality and the content of this track leave the other records in the series miles behind it.
Where other tracks build up progressively this track starts of with some nice dark atmospheric sounds, to have the bassline kick in merciless as the second element.
Pretty hard drums which seem to be able to describe the "changeover from jungle to drum'n'bass at that time".

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