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Its all a scam so start stealing
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Overall waffle quality been good this week. Lots of bollock sdiscussed about nuthink and all in an amiable fashion.nice.


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It says to staff blz? Following, short D' n' B the 9 years, and short all the sources of the D' n' B, DES of the Drumfunk until Clownstep… But what shorter I am Clownstep… Dj Hazard Generation Dub Taxman Cabbie Zen Dub Zero Soulpride Wood Packa Pleasure Dub Alley etc… For what I saw the majority here of fórum likes a sound " more; Neuro" e " Dark" , Break type, Noisia, Panacea, Seba, etc… Now it would like to know of vocês, without zuera, BECAUSE ALMOST Everybody hates clownstep? Already I heard many answers of the type… " MUSICS WITHOUT CREATIVITY, ALWAYS IN the SAME STROKE AND WONWOWNW ZUADO" I agree to some parts, type… you to hear Clownstep in house I am really " Cansativo" , but in one set, is legal, has one set of the Hazard @ Innovation 2007 and Hazard @ Sanctuary Festival 2007, that it only touches " Clow" e set is crazy… good is waits in it of answers… Drum ' n' Bass always

Hello Dear,

I am Miss Monica Desmond, from Ivory Coast . I lost my mother when i was a baby and my father did not marry another wife, he took me so special because i am the only child. My father. Late Mr. DESMOND BOKO was a wealthy Diamond and Cocoa dealer; he died in a car accident last year with his closest business partner on their way to negotiate a new business which made me to be an orphan today. I am in deep danger; my wicked uncle is after my life that is why i am contacting you for help. Please do not be offended to receive this letter from an orphan and stranger like me. I am hiding in a Guest Lodge because of much pressure from my wicked uncle who has seized all my late father's properties and left me with nothing.
I am contacting you to assist me to transfer the sum of US$4.2M (Four Million Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) which i inherited from my late father Late Mr. DESMOND BOKO. It was the money my father wanted to use for foreign investment before he died. The money was deposited in a Fixed account in a prime bank here in my country with my name as the next of kin. I wish to invest the money in your country in investment like Real Estate or Hotel management as my father wanted to do before he suddenly died.

I don't want my wicked uncle or any of my relative to know about this money this is why am contacting you in strict confidence so that you will stand as my guardian and foreign partner to enable the bank to release the money and transfer it to your account on my behalf, so that i will come over to your country after the successful transfer to further my education while you invest the money for me.

As for your compensation i am willing to give you good percentage of the US$4.2Million which we will discuss soon as you indicate your interest to assist me, and after that i will go to the bank to submit your information and introduce you so that the transaction can start immediately. I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours, Monica Desmond