Back in the Game- new setup...

Ok guys, it's official... My Hiatus is over- after 4 years I'm back to mixing. I spun for 6 years under the name "Octavian" in Phoenix, AZ.

But this time it'll be CD's- new Decks, new mixer, new DJ name "en.lux", and of course a whole new set of tracks.

I haven't bought my setup yet, but here's what I plan to get very shortly. All is based upon my budget, but I'd love your feedback on my choices.

-Pioneer CDJ-800mk2 (x2) (can't afford the 1000's)
-Pioneer DJM-400 Mixer (I really want the 600)
-Sony MDR-V700 (what I used to have)
- Still trying to decide on a cheap but not too bad pair of monitor speakers.

This entire setup will be going in our finished basement and should be a pretty amazing area for it all. I could likely play out right away as I may be one of the only jungle DJ's out here- just not sure if the kids will dig my sound. The midwestern United states might not be ready. But I'm doing this more for me. Would love to put out some demo's and upload some mixes.

Any advice would be highly appreciated! Thanks! :thumbsup: