Back in business after having been away from music for 7 years!


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Just started producing music again after being away for about 7 years, to get my education, work, home, car, kids, got married, all that gown up shit! :) Now as I've settled down, I bought some gear and got started this year, about 5 months ago, I think. One release on a London Jungle label back in 97 (D&B had just started being a new genre). Now I am back to.....?.. not really sure :) I love making music, and I'll see what will happen/IF something happens(?). DJ a couple of times a month just for fun (ok, the money is a good thing too!).

I basicly work with Eletric Dance Music (whatever that actually means), but my underground heart lies in Drum & Bass.. that's mainly where I came from!

Please have a listen to my soundcloud. Most suitable for this forum must be my Remix of Ellie Goulding - Burn. Hop you enjoy!
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