bace - MIAMI MIX (Electro Smashers)


May 29, 2008

1)Miami (Midnight Martyn Remix) - Database + Bondo Do Role
2)So Dance (Club Mix) - Spencer & Hill
3)All The Girls (Extended Remix) - FnDannyBoy
4)Under The Sun (Herve’s Aint No Sunshine Remix) - Kidda
5)Feel Too Good (Jack Beats Remix) - Kidda
6)The People - Sabastian Leger
7)Took The Night (FnDannyBoy Remix) - Chelley
8)Rock It Out - AC Slater
9)Shut Up and Let Me Go (LAZRtag Remix) - The Ting Tings
10)Hip Rave Anthem - Rico Tubbs
11)Mercury (Herve Is In Disarray Remix) - Bloc Party
12)Monkey Business (DJ Bam Bam Remix) - DJ Dan
13)Back Up In This (Le Castle Vania + Rrrump + Computer Club Remix) - Designer Drugs
14)Fatty Girl - Dj Manaia
15)Little Bit (Death To The Throne Remix) - Lykke Li
16)I Want I Want (LAZRtag Remix) - Digitalism
17)Side By Side (Original Mix) - Felguk
18)We Gettin Crunk (A1 Bassline Remix) - HeavyFeet
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