bace - Ice Melting Bass


May 29, 2008

All new tracks from my beatport purchase yesterday.

Couldn't wait to mix them together for my iPod. Obviously I thought I'd share with you fine people as well. This mix is an hour long and contains 16 smooth melodic and deep tracks. Enjoy and let me know what you think. Seriously loving this mix. It's totally got that ice melting warmth to it.


1) Space Probes - ASC, Rogue State
2) Untitled Blues - K-Tee, Friction
3) Robot - Fourward
4) The Source - Bungle
5) Kronix - Culture Shock
6) Star Soul - L.A.O.S.
7) Passion Pop - Rregula, Muller
8) Too High - Trei
9) Lend Me Your Troubles - Well Being
10) Out Of Time - Smooth
11) Technicolor - Metrik
12) Sound Was Golden - Inside Info
13) Utopia - (BreakZhead VIP Remix) DJ Traffic
14) Zero Gravity - Metrik
15) Delinquent - Inside Info
16) Lost Weekend feat. Mike Patton (Got Your Money Remix) - The Qemists

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