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Nov 10, 2003
Looking 4 some good bassline samples... bom boms & warpy sounds mainly...
some dirty 1's aswell ;)

Any1 got any pointers to put me in the right direction ;)

Cheers :D
The booming oldskool sub is a kickdrum from the roland tr-808 drum machine, the warpy sounds are low pass filters over different sounds (easy to make) and most of the rest is synth trickery.
Hard to learn at first but stick at it!
I think most analog synths will do the job, they all do the same at the end of the day. I've got a Virus B, but i can get equally nice bass sounds with my single oscillator monosynth.
The virous c retails at £1,079 but they had some on e-bay the other day for around £800 quid. If you want somthing that does everything the Virous does and more you need to get yourself a Nord Modular :grrrrr: i have never heard anything so dirty. I got meself one the other week and havent moved away from it. They are also cheaper . Brand new £630. Second hand around £400. OH MY GOD THEY ARE COOOL!!!! :mad: :mad:
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