B.Traits - Fever / D Bridge Remix (Digital Soundboy)


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Jan 9, 2012

Released April 18th 2011 on Digital Soundboy

D Bridge remixis big aswell, but not on youtube afaik
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I'd much rather see labels diversifying in this way than releasing some god awful noisy dubstep, which seems to be what people are doing at the moment. Decent tune and the D Bridge remix is good as well. Shy has always had a knack for staying on just the right side of commercial, which a lot of artists and labels fail to do.
Serum, you need to give Shy a bit more pestering about getting Jaguar Technique released again


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I heard the file got lost and it'l never be released....but you know how chinese whispers go on these forums so fingers crossed one day i'll get my grubby little mitts on it
I dont think its the best version. The original and Loadstar remix are both sick in their own right

original over loadstar remix for me.

dbridge said it would never be released anyway, think you should get on his case Wanye. :D

Its one of those if a 320 was readily available I'd get it cut to wax 100%
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