Drum & Bass B-1 Bongo Bomb

Very good especially if this really is your second track. Really nice percussion the elements gel well. Needs much much more variation, the bongos run throughout the entire track, needs more interest on the intro not just bongos (as good as they are) playing for 40 seconds. The tone of the bass is nice perhaps you could have another bass or radical variant of the one you already have and create a kind of call & response.
could do with more going on in the intro to keep it interesting fx etc

not too bad for your second tune mate much better than my second attempt, there is lots to improve, but that will come with time and practise, theres certainly some good ideas in there.

a few things to look into to start you off,

layering drums to get better sounds, snares etc
subtle fx to keep thing interesting
variation in percussion
automation of synth perameters again to add interest to tunes

bloody good start tho mate keep it up