DnB B-1 Bongo Bomb (refix)

Well I really like that. It's interesting cause I was expecting neuro (from the drums and growl) but you've created a very nice tapestry that I could see as a huge asset in a neuro set (especially with 3 decks!)

I'm curious what frequency your subbass is at and if you may be trying to pump out some tones that just aren't going to work? - I say this cause the level is low but the waveform is huge. If you're using notes below the low E you're well under 40Hz - I have some grado phones that can put out 20Hz and I used to make the mistake of expecting mixes on those phones to translate.

So, I know it's a pain, but maybe you can get a few more dB out of the overall mixdown. A good fake way to do it is to simply give more treble and mid treble to those pads and harmonies - see, the warm sound is great but people really enjoy those high harmonics - even if it's not the "musical" thing to do.

You need to scoop some of those mid los 80Hz - 300Hz out of the main bass...I know it's an awesome sound but it holds other elements back...and, as you already have, make sure those waveforms are thoroughly hi-pass filtered - it sounds like you're using sub audio fundamental frequencies which is great, but you don't want those sub-audio freqs to sneak into the mixdown - it will ruin your headroom (and potentially a set of speakers not operated properly!)

- J.P.

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My GF thinks that you ripped off some other tracks - I disagree, I just think that you have some choice harmonies and melodies. This is a great track though (similar piano riff comes in around 3:00)

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