AzteQh - Break The Silence


Close your ears!
Jul 5, 2008
It's been a while since I posted anything up on here... I've changed my name and started writing on different software, it's Reason 4 instead of Reason 3, and I have lots of new goodies too. 8)

This tune is called Break The Silence and it's on my sub-Bass page, and in the sub-Bass player on my myspace too, it's quite dark, but pretty moving.

Feedback welcome, good or bad.

Hope you enjoy it.

sounding nice man. im liking the switch at about 2 min where the mian pad cuts out. where did the vocal samples come from, if you dont mind me asking? keep it up.
Cheers man. 8) Thanks for replying. All the vocal samples in my tunes have come from on the tinterweb. I find something I like the sound of then chop it up into individual sentences, and vocode it. Try beemp3, I ain't posting a link, but google it, you should find it.
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