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    We are proud to present the This Way Up Artist Agency Podcast 007 Featuring AXIOM!!!


    Showcasing monthly Podcasts from the agencies extremely talented artists.


    This Way Up Artist Agency Podcast 007 - Featuring AXIOM.

    Track List:

    1) Axiom - untitled - (DUB)
    2) Masheen - Frozen Nature - (DUB)
    3) Axiom - Moscow Nights - (Close2death DUB)
    4) Black Sun Empire - Stasis - [Jade RMX] (Citrus DUB)
    5) The Sect - Whiteout (DUB)
    6) Axiom - She's Dead - (M-Atome DUB)
    7) Prolix - Casuation - (Ganja-Tek DUB)
    8) Cause4Concern - World Unknown - (C4C recordings DUB)
    9) Axiom - Sputnik - (Close2death DUB)
    10) Cause4Concern - Crash Test - (C4C Recordings DUB)
    11) Concord Dawn, Psidream & Pacific - Bloody Fives - (Nightfall DUB)
    12) Axiom - The Tardis - (Habit Records ecs DUB)
    13) No Money & Philip tbc - Hood of Horror - (Esprit DUB)
    14) Axiom - Ulysses - (Close2death DUB)
    15) Bias - Chrysalis - [The Sect RMX] - (KSS Black dub)
    16) Axiom - Clairvoyance - (DUB)
    17) Jade - No Cure - (Citrus DUB)
    18) Katharsys - Coldspot - (Habit Records DUB)
    19) Axiom - The Big Spanking - (Uprising records DUB)
    20) Ewun, Evol Intent & Spor - Levitate - (lifted music)
    21) Björk - All is Full of Love - [Chris.SU RMX] - (DUB?)
    22) Axiom - All The Hate - (M-Atome DUB)
    23) Blue monday - Axiom's Revenge of The Reese Edit

    53.8 mb | 128kb | 58min 49 secs

    [​IMG] Will be available on iTunes next Week search This Way Up Artist Agency Podcast 007

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    Mirror 1 download

    Axiom updates:

    Forthcoming Music:

    Axiom - All The Hate / She's Dead [M-Atome]
    Axiom - Ulysses / Sputnik [Close2Death]
    Axiom - The Big Spanking / Sexdrive [Uprising]
    Axiom - Funky Fucker / The Tardis [Habit]
    Axiom - Moscow Nights / High Noon [Close2Death]

    And New Zealand and Australia can look forward to the Huge Axiom tour mid way through this year.

    This Way Up Artist Agency:
    AIM: AfterThaEnd and TWUAgency
    TEL: 0044 7979 325 737
    Facebook profile, join for automatic downloads and audio updates:


    Axiom Mini Interview:

    Q. Hi Axiom, tell us a little about where you live and your surroundings.

    I live in Switzerland, in the beautiful city of Berne, surrounded by mountains, clean lakes and healthy air, (I compensate with cigarettes and vodka).

    Oh, the banks, don’t forget the banks, especially the ubs, they did a great job recently......

    Q. Do you think this influences your style of music?

    No, I don’t think so. I would end up doing a yodel-ambient-ethno-commercial-fusion, if it influenced me.

    Q. Which other music genres do you listen to other then Drum and Bass?

    Pretty much everything, depending on my mood.
    Winter will mostly be motoerhead, sisters of mercy and some sad, depressing blues.

    Q. What's your current Top 5?

    Axiom - Clairvoyance
    Masheen - Frozen nature
    Prolix - Causation - Ganja-Tek
    Black Sun Empire - Stasis - Jade RMX
    Cause4Concern - Relentless - The Sect RMX

    Q. What tips do you have on basslines?

    I find massive and kontakt a very useful combination.

    Q. Have you got any news you’d like to share with us?

    Currently I’ve got two 12" on C2D recs (Ulysses, High noon, Moscow nights and sputnik), an uprising 12" (the big spanking and sexdrive) and a habit records 12" (funky fucker and the tardis).
    I just signed two tunes to M-Atome, besides that I’m working on new tunes, including some vocal bits with empress.

    Q. Finally, please finish this sentence:

    “Ooooh, you got some bomb, Bitch you got some bomb…”

    "and I got the fuse"
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