Axiom - Paradigm Shift (CD Album)

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AXIOM – "PARADIGM SHIFT" CD Album / MP3 download

Out on CD on April 1st, 2011 (Europe & UK, Rest of World on the 14th of April)
Out for download on April 15th!

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Axiom has managed what few in drum and bass music have been able to achieve; to create an album of smashing tracks that whips dancefloors into a frenzy, but also feel right at home on your stereo. Not only an album of top notch production, as you would expect by someone as experienced as Axiom, the addition of Lady Katee's exceptional vocals shapes the tracks into unforgettable songs that take you on a journey of electronic landscapes and emotion.

In the last five years Axiom has made a name for himself within the scene as being an artist who's tracks simply unleash energy, a trait not just relegated to music as those who know him well can attest to. His passionate nature is apparent in every musical piece he creates, creating a worldwide fanbase of those drawn in by his aural mastery.

As coincidence would have it, Optiv and Axiom met at a party and became friends. Collaboration resulted in the (dealt as milestones of drum and bass today) tunes "Nightfalls" and „Soulcube“ with Chris SU. With the support of all the major players in the scene, and solo tracks of equally strength being released on some of the most established labels, the name Axiom has become synonymous with dirty, driving, eclectic tunes, and definite dancefloor destruction!

The initial idea to do an album came when recording tracks for a side project with the polish vocalist Lady Katee. Realising the music being created was something unique and worth exploring more, „Paradigm Shift“ came into fruition, skillfully weaving between style from vocal drum and bass to „downtempo“. Although predominantly a drum and bass album intended for the dancefloor, the journey continues after the nightclub mayhem with unexpected deepness and variety. Under the alias „Spellbound“ Axiom will present collaborations with different singers and musicians in the future. These four soulful tracks reminescent of trip hop at its best, and making a perfect and poignant finale for this impressive Album.

Axiom - Where do i begin - feat. Lady Katee Axiom - Kalis Prayer - feat. Lady Katee Axiom - The Theorem Axiom - She said destroy Axiom - Hades Axiom - Shiftin Shadows - feat Lady Katee Axiom - Never give up - feat Lady Katee Axiom - Shadows Axiom & Truce - Alive - feat. Lady Katee Axiom - Dark Skies Vocal VIP - feat Lady Katee Spellbound - November Skies Spellbound - Unspoken Spellbound - Sea of Tears Spellbound - Divine Comedy

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