Aveho - Neurofunk Mix [April 2015]

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    Apr 22, 2015
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    Hi, here's a neurofunk mix I did for a contest, feel free to listen to it :)

    Have a nice day!

    1. Puncture Wound (Place 2B & Paimon Remix)
    by Davip, Imetic

    2. Fight Club (Original Mix)
    by Telekinesis, Coppa

    3. Never Stop (Original Mix)
    by Neonlight, Wintermute

    4. Digital Sound (Original Mix)
    by L33

    5. Move It (Original Mix)
    by Reso

    6. Emersion
    by Aveho

    7. Influx (Original Mix)
    by Neonlight, Wintermute

    8. Shutdown
    by Sunaivod

    9. Widow Maker
    by Volatile Cycle

    10. Bypass (Original Mix)
    by State Of Mind

    11. Wrong Message
    by Teddy Killerz

    12. Traktion (Original Mix)
    by Current Value

    13. Armored Core VIP (VIP)
    by Qo

    14. You And Me f. Hadron
    by Rune & Kaiza

    15. Flaky
    by Phace

    16. Sequenz (Mefjus Remix)
    by Neosignal

    17. Koan
    by Khronos

    18. Fraktal Total
    by Phace

    19. Backstab
    byRune & Kaiza

    20. Lockheed
    by Teknian, Disprove & Ordure

    21. Jack Nicholson
    by Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind

    22. Fuel Up (Original Mix)
    by Current Value