AuzCast 001 [Jan 2015] (Terabyte Records)

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    Auzi, co-founder of Terabyte Records, has put together this 90 minute journey for everyones listening pleasure. The assemblage includes his personal favourite songs he's enjoyed over the festive holidays, some old and some new. Enjoy the free download.


    Alix Perez - Forsaken (Calibre Remix)
    Technimatic - Lost Along The Way (ft. D.Ablo)
    Phil Tangent - Bedouin (ft. Steo)
    Blue Skin - Singapore Sling
    Q-Project - Subliminal Aura
    SpectraSoul - Light In The Dark (Etherwood Remix)
    Bungle - Changes
    Hybrid Minds - Trauma (Lenzman Remix)
    Submorphics - Burning Love (Lenzman Remix)
    Mr. Joseph - I Still Love You
    Nitri - Lies (Calibre Remix)
    dBridge - China Blue
    BCee & Bladerunner - In The Shadows (VIP)
    DJ Die - Autumn (Commix Remix)
    Phil Tangent - Indecision
    Alix Perez - Down The Line (ft. MC Fats)
    Break - Let It Happen
    Chromatic - Don't Take Too Long
    Sabre & Safire - Genie Method
    Kasra - Expo
    Hybrid Minds - Halcyon (DLR Remix)
    Volatile Cycle - Rupture
    Axon - Bo
    Icicle - Dreadnaught (ft. SP:MC)
    Foreign Beggars & Alix Perez - Modus (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
    Villem - Splinter In Your Mind (Break Remix)
    Skeptical - Cold One (Jubei Remix)
    Clarity - Segment (ft. Skeptical)
    Data - Compassion
    Marcus Intalex - Cabal
    Skeptical - Catch 22
    Hybrid Minds - Unfold (dBridge Remix)
    Spor - Aztec
    Friction & K-Tee - Set It Off
    Total Science & S.P.Y - Gangsta (VIP)


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