Autonomic/170/Half Time (Whatever you wanna call it)

Shatner's Bosom

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ASC - The Lair
Spectrasoul - Captive
Foreign Concept - Tag Team
Distance - 1 Regret
Loefah - Disko Rekah (Johney Bootleg)
Ruffhouse & Clarity - Persecute
Instra:Mental - No Future
Graphic - I Am Metal (Compound One Remix)
ASC - 3rd Eye
DBR UK - Burning Edges
Loxy, Isotone - Ancients (Skeptical Remix)
Dabs, MC Kwality, Mortem - Skull & Bones
Stray - Break Your Legs
Panic Girl - Blue Lights (dBridge Remix)
Motorik - Texas Cadavar Shuffle
Genotype - Ritual Dance
Halogenix - Each His Own
Stray - L.A. Zoom
Had to cut it short coz someone came round but 40 mins is enough I reckon

The Watcha

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1 Regret's hooks worked nicely off Tag Team, although not fond of Tag Team. Disko Rekah rmx's dubby vibes were really pleasing off the back of 1 Regret with the menacing stepper notes of Persecute doing the damage on their own. Where did you get that Disko Rekah rmx from?

Nice step from Burning Edges through Ancients rmx to Skull & Bones. Didn't realise the original Skull & Bones was that good. Enjoyed hearing Break Ya Legs again... got to start playing that again. The crazy stabbed beat of the jukey Texas Cadavar Shuffle came together well with the tribal bits in Ritual Dance. Slight vocal class from Each His Own to L.A Zoom but nothing major. Quite a nice mix all in all + a handful of tunes I've not heard before, which is always cool. Whats that tune at the end?

Shatner's Bosom

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Thanks man, can't spread rep for some reason, but i'll get you. The Disko Rekah remix is from our very own Johney (he might give it to you if you ask nicely) and Texas Cadaver Shuffle is from a member on another forum.

Last tune is Isotone - Hold on (serious tune, heard it on the June Miller 2008 Experimental Mix)



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Tracklist looks nice and a few bits i don't know so ill give this one a go.

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The Lair is killer. First two work really well, but can't help feel that Tag Team felt a bit out of place.
That Loefah piece is wicked, and works really well with Persecute.
No Future is definitely a percy, draw for it all the time. And i like the way you bought it in suddenly.
The step of "I Am Metal" and the percussion of No Future work really well, would have liked to of heard it bought in when it could have rolled out with that percussion for longer. But decent mix nonetheless.
That Motorik track is ridiculous, and works perfectly with Ritual Dance.
As Watcha said, slight vocal clash towards the end but it wasn't that bad.

Overall, mixing was tight and i enjoyed the mix, will listen again at some point.