automating massive lfos

For a basic lfo like that just drag one of the lfos (shown in the pic below) to the filter cut off on filer one or filter two... then set the filter to what ever type you want (low pass, high pass, notch etc)

Make sure that your oscillators have the slider to the right of them set to either F1 or F2 (or half way if using both) depending on if your using fiter 1 or 2.

hmmm i know how to create lfos, thx tho jameszero!

and to what marlztah wrote. i cant automate the synced lfo, as you cant rightclick on that setting in massive. so i cant read out the settings i need...

i know how to do it with fl studios, if you're using fruity i can check it when i get home, so are you using fruity?
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