Drum & Bass AutomAte Zombie video! Wreckless & Agman Gora

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    Fright-night & we’re raging, our bodies been taken, dead and we’re walking, the living we’re stalking, our yellow eyes stare like a hawk and our feelings disappear, you emanate fear… WE’RE RIPPING YOUR THROAT OUT, YOU HEAR?

    Buy the tune here ->
    Beatport - http://btprt.dj/1dbqUxi
    Juno - http://bit.ly/1i9d6RL
    TrackItDown - http://bit.ly/14piqZX
    iTunes - http://bit.ly/1bQ42Q1

    We may have got through Halloween in one piece but we're not out of danger yet! Something strange happens to the normally placid & polite Wreckless around this time of year. Infected by a Deadly Contagion, on the stroke of midnight, he morphs violently into dangerous psychopathic zombie Agman Gora. Run for your life or draw for the bat? Your choice, but don’t trip.

    On the flip-side, Hard Light provides no respite. A heavily saturated metronome of percussion keeps the thunderous bass hits firmly locked in step amid a stomach-churning sea of gnarly distortion. Pinned to the wall by the throat, there is no escape from its vice-like grip.

    For more information or a press pack, contact:
    k.taylor.cronshaw@gmail.com / info@automatednb.co.uk
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