Radio AutomAte Radio with Spoila - 7-9pm Weds 02/03/11


Tune in, Weds 7-9pm at

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Spoila started mixing at 13 and has experimented with a variety of genres before discovering dubstep at the age of 18. He hasn’t mixed anything else since! He’s an experienced, confident bedroom DJ out to make a name for himself and share his love of dubstep with the world. If you like your basslines wobbly and secretly take an LFO to bed with you each night, don’t miss this!!

AutomAte currently runs a weekly radio show, sponsored by Intense Records, which aims to showcase both up & coming dnb, dubstep and breakbeat dj's. Email and send us a demo if you’d like a guest slot on the show. Live events are kicking off at Basement 45 in Bristol, launching Friday 11th March with Raiden, Meth, EBK and KR4Y!

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