AutomAte Radio with MistaNoize (D&B Arena) – 7-9pm 04/08/10


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MistaNoize got into dnb around 2002 after listening to a Pascal tape with a mate. He was instantly hooked and bought a pair of belt-drive decks. The first record he purchased was Ra on Ebony Dubs and he soon developed a serious vinyl habit. He’s pretty much singlehandedly kept Tempest Records (Birmingham) going through the recession. His first big break came in December 2007, playing at the legendary Q club in Birmingham (Raveology, Return of the Q). This was the first dnb event at the club when it re-opened and was a huge success, selling over 2000 tickets. In March 2008, Noize entered the D&B Arena Worldwide Mix competition, coming third out of over 300 entries, earning a place in the final in London. He duly decimated the competition at the final and was signed to the D&BA agency. MistaNoize is making big waves in the scene as a skilled upcoming DJ, playing all over the UK and Europe. He’s a self-professed vinyl purist and a true deck technician. So good it’ll make you cry, his 3 deck mixing is tighter than a ducks arse. Expect a variety of styles, from liquid to jump-up to tech. This’ll be a show to remember.

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AutomAte is a collective formed of Deficit and Tracksuit Mafia. The pair met a few years back and started clubbing together regularly, sharing a mutual love of dark, hard, techy dnb and dubstep. Automate currently runs a weekly radio show, sponsored by Intense Records, which aims to showcase both up & coming and established dnb, dubstep and breakbeat dj's. Recent guests include Katanga, Displaced, Esion, Freek One, Bigga & Drum Monkeys. A bi-monthly London club night is planned for late 2010 with possible record label to follow.