Radio AutomAte Radio with Deficit - 7-9pm, 17/08/11


Tune in with Deficit, 7-9pm on Wednesday 17th Aug 2011 at Any trouble, hit the standalone player option in blue at bottom of screen. Still doesn't work? Ok. Throw your computer out the f**king window. Then try again at your mates house.

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Stream/download Tribute to Kryptic Minds, Leon Switch & Defcom Records, mixed live by Nathan E (13/07/11):
Stream/download Esion's ghetto-funk-fuelled show (06/07/11):
Stream/download Deficit's beats, banter & bullshit show (29/06/11):
Stream/download Synthesis' June 2011 show (15/06/11):
Stream/download 21Mag's May 2011 show: